Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back in the saddle

So after a good three month maternity break from photography I'm back. I took these pictures for a dear friend last week and I had forgotten how much I love photographing babies (that aren't my own).....especially babies that look like this little guy.
Can you believe how beautiful he is? Seriously, those eyes, those eyelashes, that skin. I fell in love with this little guy. And he was so mellow and good natured (and super interested in the camera.)

Thanks M and little J for helping me ease back into this!


  1. Your pictures turned out gorgeous! I only wish I had had you take pic's of my kids while we still lived there. Maybe we'll just have to fly out so you can!:) It's great to see how much your family is growing and how much Emmeline looks like the rest of the crew. We think of your family often and hope things are going well for you. We miss you!

  2. I have to agree. He is exceptionally beautiful.

    And you did an AMAZING job!!

  3. Wow, these pics are spectacular! What a treasure for these parents and such a great way to use your gifts!

  4. Wow, Saydi--these pictures are amazing. Meagan showed me your blog and now I'm so sad that I never got the chance to serve WITH you in Young womens--BUMMER!



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