Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Love

I've had this post in my draft list for over three's time has come. I took pictures of this family a few weeks before Emmeline was born. We went to the apple orchards at Brooksby farms late in the afternoon and I had such a great time, I think maybe I should have been paying them.

There was no shortage of love in this was oozing out was so strong and open and free that it had sort of a magical effect.....I'm not sure how to describe it, but it seemed that we all felt alive and happy and at ease. You can see the magic I'm talking about in their daughter's face in the picture above (well, you can pretty much see it in all of their faces). When I'm working as a social worker, I often talk to families (where the mom and dad are both around) about how good it is for kids to see that their parents love each builds security and confidence. I think this picture would really drive that point home....seriously, look at that girls face and tell me she doesn't feel totally secure. Her parents love each is going to be ok.
I have thought back on this photo shoot a lot over the past few months. I know all families aren't like this, and I'm sure this family has their moments....just like all of us.....but, I just can't help but think about the power of family love. I want that magic in my family. I want me kids to know that I love them....and maybe more importantly, I want them to know that I love their dad.

Do you think they love their mom?

And it's plain to see they can't stand their dad.
Man, we had a good time. These guys were up for anything.

Thanks guys for making me think so much and for such a magical afternoon (way back when....when the earth wasn't frozen like it is now....and you could lie on that luscious grass.....will that ever happen again?).


  1. Awesome photos of one of my favorite families!

  2. saydi i can't tell you how bummed i am that i am now way too far away to abuse you and your talents! i'm dying to find someone to photog tanner, but i just know they won't be as great as you!! how much would it cost me to bring you down here for a photo shoot??? hope you are doing well and adjusting to life with 3 kids. 2 is hard enough for me!! miss you!

  3. Saydi,
    I love the new baby shoot (fantastic!) but I wanted to say that the shot here of the kids in the foreground with the parents together out of focus in back is my favorite ever! Great work!

  4. Wow Saydi, LOVE the photos but love the verbage even more. How amazing that you caught the spirit as well as the faces. Love truly abounds!

  5. Saydi - your work is fantastic!!! I LOVE these photos and the baby shoot you did! You have such a gift! And you're using it in such a beautiful way! Just received your Mom and Shawni's book from publicists at Deseret Book for review. I'm planning to review it in April in anticipation of Mother's Day (on Meridian). Adored the picture of you and Hazel! Our family would love to hire you if you're ever up for some photo work while you're visiting Salt Lake! You're a wonderful, talented Mom - it's inspiring to see you in action. Keep it up!



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