Friday, February 20, 2009

cardbord and fixer guys

It's amazing how much time you can kill with some "real" fixer guy tools, tons of cardboard boxes and good friends.
Charlie's best buddy Saul had his birthday last week and we stole Grandma and Grandpa Shumway's idea and gave him a matching real fixer guy set. We invited him and his siblings over to demolish our house and get full use of the many boxes I was determined to get out of our basement (they've been there since Christmas). They were so serious with their hard hats and suspenders and levels and measuring tape.

After about 2 1/2 hours of messing around and finally drawing me in as the general contractor this is the final product. Yeah, I know, not too impressive....definitely not what Hazel had envisioned in her little head. Miraculously I managed to convince her that imagining the walls and ceiling was even better than building real ones.

It's amazing what lengths you'll go to to keep your kids from driving you crazy inside all winter.


  1. I wish my kids could join yours in the cardboard house. Looks like a fun day!

  2. I love their creation! This is right up Landon's alley.

  3. Saydi, I check out your blog every once and again and I must tell you that you are getting to be an amazing photographer. When I first saw your blog your pics were good, but I love them even more now. You composition is wonderful and you have a great eye for the moment. Your family is beautiful too. Tara

  4. Saydi,
    This is Jen Slothower West! I got your blogspot from Mimi's site and just wanted to let you know how amazingly wonderful your sweet little family is! I hope all is well in Boston, I'm going to be there in May for an Orthodontic conference with my husband, Ryan (if you remember, my "missionary" during Israel). We should meet up for a bit! Your photography is really wonderful! I've just started up this hobby as well and would love if you had any suggestions on books, lenses, etc. You are awesome and I want you to know that I have always looked up to you! Ryan and I live in Fargo, North Dakota with our four don't know cold until you've lived up there. BBBRRRR! Saydi, take are adorable and so are your babies! Jen



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