Friday, February 20, 2009

wingaersheek beach

We went to the beach AGAIN last week! As I was getting things packed up to go I could not believe how HOT I was. It was 60 degrees! I was stoked for another magical winter day at the beach.

Well, you never get the same magic twice. As soon as we got there the clouds rolled in and a winter breeze sprung up and it was pretty chili. It wasn't the same as last Monday, but it had it's own kind of magic. Wingaersheek beach is pretty amazing. The kids had a great time climbing on all the rocks. It was beautiful in it's cold winter way.

Check out those backward pants. It's the new style folks.

I love this natural play structure. So much better than the man made ones at parks. So much more real, and so much more dangerous. I'm learning how to let my kids try things that scare me to death. I've always been a "careful! watch out!" kind of mom. In joy school the kids are learning about courage and how to try new I'm trying to foster that a bit.
I love all these crazy kids. They are so delighted by the world.
By the end we were all frozen, Hazel tripped and fell flat on her face in the parking lot and pretty much every kid was crying. But it was worth it.

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