Monday, March 23, 2009

living the life!

I just got home from a weekend in Miami with little Emmeline and Grandfather. My dad invited me to come and help him run a "daddy daughter" workshop for YPO (Young Presidents mom and dad travel around the world talking to this group about parenting and building strong families).

Sure dad....twist my was super hard to:
- get an all expense paid trip to someplace warm in the middle of my own personal (Boston weather induced) march madness
- stay at the Ritz Carlton....something about that place is the complete antithesis of my house....large, clean, elegant, luxurious
- go on a non-stop flight with only one (happy smiley) child in tow
- spend the weekend cooing at my little angel (I think she loved the one on one attention)
- when not cooing at emmeline, talking to my dad about really mind awakening things
- eat amazing food all weekend that I didn't have to plan, prep, clean up or worry about how much it was costing
- run a workshop full of eager dads and not so eager, but willing teenage girls on how to improve their relationships and think about the decisions in their lives (that actually was the hard part....but it felt good, like we were helping people think about the right things.)
My dad had a ball with little Emmie. This move (above) is called "the trick." Emmeline was really great at it (she's very advanced :)). However, when my dad tried to use it as his opening act during the YPO conference she flopped and started bawling. I think they were worried that they'd wasted their money hiring my dad.....luckily he redeemed himself. He always does.
I absolutely love how much my dad loves my kids. There is nothing better then seeing your kids loved and adored.

Emmeline tries to get milk out of all kinds of strange places.
My dad is also good at giving babies their first bites of food. He just cant resist.
Here's Emmeline at the Ritz. Surrounded by luxury. Too bad it won't last for you little one. Back to the squaller of cabby cap (our house's name).

Needless to say, it was a little hard to face reality back at home. There are still piles of laundry in our bedroom and our kitchen ceiling is still stinky and brown.

Thankfully, sweet Jeff had the house surprisingly nice and clean for me to come home too (I did not leave it clean for him...) and the kids were actually excited to see me even after their super super fun daddy weekend. They were most excited to see little Emmeline....who was equally thrilled to be thrown back into the chaos of our house. As much as she liked all that one on one attention from mom....I couldn't possibly give her the same kind of crazy fun that Hazel and Charlie do:


Don't be too worried....she strangely likes this pounding on the chest from charlie.....and it sounds a lot harder then it is.

Thanks dad, for a fabulous weekend. I'll come and "help" you out anytime.


  1. Um, were your kids doing the belly tapping on Emmiline before coming over to my house? Landon might have taught them a few things...

  2. Yes, I think Landon is known for teaching children really bad things :) Also, I think 3rd children are given the extra special gift of taking abuse from the older children very well. She's darling!!!



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