Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG! (maybe)

How can I describe how much I love spring in Boston? I guess it's not really spring that I love (cause it really doesn't consistently exist) but those rare miraculous spring days really do wonders for my soul. It is so soothing to see some color popping out through the gray ground. First the crocuses, then the chives, then the strawberry plants start to look alive again and tulip starts pop through dried old leaves. It reminds me of the life that exists inside of everything. Just when things are starting to look permanently black and white and life springs up.

And the best part is that the kids can play outside. And boy do they ever play....for hours. I can just send them happily out and they find all kinds of things to do and experiment with. This particular day Charlie discovered worms (or 'snakes' as he calls them). They spent a good 3 hours catching these 'snakes' and feeding them and making them little houses.

It's so nice to have kids get dirty instead of my house. The tub takes up another hour of the day and I feel like I can breathe.

Have I mentioned (way too many times) how much these two adore each other?

Hooray for Spring!


  1. Hooray for SPRING! I am with you. I love it when mother nature brings everything back to life right before our eyes, and all our complaining about cold and winter melts into joy and smiles and sunshine!

  2. We're still waiting at Baliwood, but how fun to see these signs of spring and adorable kids in Boston. So radiant in red!

  3. Hazel is looking way too old! I'm so happy to see those flowers poking out to greet you in that COLD place! It makes me smile.



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