Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are we Human?

These are from a while back, but how can I not post them. They have "band" practice nearly every night. I just recorded another one tonight, they're improving, and amazingly, they’ve joined together. Hazel has allowed Charlie to join her band….they’re learning how to work together….hallelujah! I'll post the more recent one when I get around to it (which probably means in three months).


  1. i love how charlie's dance style is definitely boy-lots of break-dancing-type moves and hazel's was definitely more girly-lots of flashdance-type moves. love it!

  2. Three things I love about Hazel's video:

    1. Jeff's plaid pants.

    2. The part where she gets down on the carpet and rolls around and kicks. Very Isadora Duncan. You can tell she has it totally planned out, though, because she repeats it later.

    3. The fact that she knows every word! How awesome is she???



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