Tuesday, May 26, 2009

goodbye eyeball

spring garden-0159 - CopyHazel and Charlie named our Butterflies: Hazel, Ashie, Ashie (there were two) and Eyeball. I decided one cold and rainy day last month that it was time to let them free. Yes, I could have chosen a warmer day, but they were quickly reaching the end of their lifespan and dying off (one Ashie had already bit the dust)….so we all figured that we best give them some freedom, even if it was only a few short, wet, cold moments. spring garden-0169 - Copy spring garden-0171 spring garden-0173 spring garden-0160 - Copy spring garden-0163 - Copy spring garden-0165 - Copy spring garden-0166 - Copyspring garden-0168 - CopyAshie and Hazel flew higher than our house and out of site. Eyeball’s wings got wet and didn’t seem to want to fly (even after the kids threw him in the air a few times to give him a lift). We left him on a little twig. Hazel reported later that he was gone. I hope they enjoyed the wide world. We sure enjoyed them.

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