Saturday, May 30, 2009

McFarland Visit

Jeff’s sister and his family came to visit for a few days on their way to Vienna where they’re running a study abroad for the summer. We looked forward to the McFarland’s visit for months and months….and now that sweet visit is just a memory…..oh, how we love that family. All of us….we all love all of them. I could really never get enough, I just wish they lived with us. Seriously (and that’s saying a lot given how small our house is and how we crammed them all in here for three days and nights). They are the kind of people you’d just die to be friends with….smart, kind, interesting, thoughtful, aware…..and we get them as family. I did marry Jeff for all that he is, but the family package that came along with him is not bad at all…..not bad AT ALL. McFarlands in Boston-0667

I love having visitors around because it get’s me out of the house, doing cool things with people I like. Rob and Mary Ann and kids are particularly fun to be out with, they are super easy going, happy, well behaved, fun to talk to, up for anything.

We spent a full day in Boston, eating Indian food on Newbury street, walking through the public gardens, swan boating, flaneur-ing around beacon hill. It was great and the kids were tired out which made it easier to get them to sleep three to a tiny room.

McFarlands in Boston-0647Charlie and Hazel spent most of the day with their plumber cracks hanging out. McFarlands in Boston-0664McFarlands in Boston-0658 Hazel is a different person with one on one attention from someone older and “cooler” than herself. She could not get enough of her big cousin Maddie. Jeff and I would be pleased as punch if she turned out to be just like Maddie when she’s older. Maddie is lovely…kind, smart, fun, beautiful. We couldn’t ask for a better role model for Hazel. McFarlands in Boston-0678 McFarlands in Boston-0684 I stayed off the Swan boat to let Emmeline continue her nap in the stroller….and of course, to take some pictures. McFarlands in Boston-0703McFarlands in Boston-0715 McFarlands in Boston-0747 McFarlands in Boston-0758 These pictures are for you, Nedra! McFarlands in Boston-0783McFarlands in Boston-0832 One more thing you should know about Rob and Mary Ann: they are super parents. I was wishing that I had a notebook to record and remember all the great ways they interact with their kids, the things they say, the consequences they enforce, the ways they explain. They gave us a little glimpse into the parenting issues we have ahead of us….oh if we can only handle them with the same amount of deliberateness and grace. McFarlands in Boston-0848 McFarlands in Boston-0871 We spent our second day hiking (this is a hike right by our house….through the cemetery and the “enchanted forest.” We love it and were happy to share it. It is SOOOO green up there right now. McFarlands in Boston-0893 Rob has totally won the hearts of my kids. I think he might be the only adult I know who has more energy than the kids (my dad might be up there though). McFarlands in Boston-0901 McFarlands in Boston-0924

That same day they were up for a trip to the beach. And a quite eventful one at that….. I sent Rob and Charlie and Will in our little Honda and the muffler fell off on the hour long drive. Rob had no cell phone, no way of letting Mary Ann and I know that his ears were being blow out….he just had to keep following us. Somehow he convinced those boys that it was the coolest car ride of their lives and Charlie couldn’t stop talking about it for days (he was talking pretty loud about it….I think his ear drums were temporarily damaged by the nose).McFarlands in Boston-0951

And to end it all off we had some trader joes cakes to celebrate cute little Joss’s 1st birthday. McFarlands in Boston-0966

McFarlands: PLEASE COME AND LIVE IN BOSTON. I’m sure Harvard could use a German professor?


  1. great post as usual! nice work on keeping up with the blog. i totally think harvard needs a good german professor... mine were both wallies.

  2. I wish we were really as cool as Saydi makes us sound. Jeff and Saydi--thanks for the food, the fun, the multiple trips to the airport, the time of work and family, the late-night chats, and for sharing your home with us.


  3. Thanks for the "Make Way for Ducklings" pictures. Very cute!

  4. I didn't realize ALL the McFarlands were coming! What a lot of fun you had! Sorry about the muffler Rob. Sure great to see that fab fotos of all those wonderful kids...and parents!

  5. Man, if only I could have the Shumways and the Mcfarlands in the same city at the same time, I'd be set.

  6. These pictures make me miss Boston!



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