Thursday, May 28, 2009

Legos – the coolest toy known to man

Caroline One Year-2416Somehow I missed out on Legos as a kid. I think with 9 kids and 9 pets Legos were probably the last thing on my parent’s mind….or, who knows, maybe there were a bunch of Legos that came in and out before I came of age. Either way, I’ve decided that Legos are really cool toys. Jeff’s parents brought us out a bunch of his old Legos and the kids play with them probably more than anything else. They could almost be classified as “addicted” to Legos as they would be to a video game. When I ask them to clean them up they try to, but they can’t help but stick them together and build things as they clean…..which results very little progress. Why hasn’t anyone invented a Lego vacuum? Or have they?

As much as I hate the “dumping legos” sound, I love it that my kids minds are occupied by them for long long stretches of time…..

Here’s a meager (and pretty unimpressive….they’ve come up with more impressive stuff than this) sampling of the Lego creations I find laying around our house. I think that’s a TV tower and some kind of tractor trailer.

Caroline One Year-2405Caroline One Year-2414

Caroline One Year-2415Caroline One Year-2402


  1. before we left the states, jonah told the kids they needed to pick out which toys to bring. ana carefully went through everything and chose a variety of toys. camden grabbed his bin of legos and said, "how many of these can i bwing?" that's all he brought...and one light saber. we don't just love legos...they are all we have. pretty much when we clean out the car, all we vacuum up is lego man heads.

    as far as clean up, jonah votes for the shop vac. I used to make the kids play with them on a big blanket/mat thing, and when they were done i'd take grab the two ends of the blanket and dump the legos in the bucket. you can also have a dustpan that is just for scooping legos. ikea.

  2. Saydi - I don't know how you missed out on Legos as a child, but it's never too late to start loving them. My kids found an old box of baby Legos in the garage two days ago, and have been playing with them for hours and hours. They have another box of the smaller ones too, which never grow old. The best toys are the ones were you can invent over and over again.



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