Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shumway Family Adventure #2

We’ve had a slew of visitors lately. My brother Eli was here for a week for a conference and then Jeff’s sister Mary Ann and her family came on their way to Vienna where they are leading a BYU study abroad this summer. I love visitors. I love getting out and doing things with people I really love and never get to see.

George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0285When Eli was here we had our second Shumway Family Adventure. We went to George’s Island which is one of the Boston Harbor Islands.

George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0543Just riding on the T was an adventure for Hazel and Charlie, but boy howdy, when we got on a boat they were THRILLED. The boat ride was windy and exhilarating. We were the first visitors to the Island this season, so we felt pretty cool. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0238George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0234

I’ve heard a lot about the Boston Harbor Islands, but never been…..and I fell in love. This place was amazing. Fun, interesting, historical, adventurous, beautiful. I loved every minute of it. And the kids did too. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0245

Charlie was thrilled beyond words by the speed of the boat, the wind in his face, the sound of the engine. That little boy is so easily delighted. It is delightful to be around him (most of the time). George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0253 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0255It was so great having Eli around. He is so helpful with the kids and took half of these pictures. I love that guy. Wish he’d move to Boston with his lovely wife. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0257George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0328Oh George’s Island there is a great old fort that dates back to 1847. It is filled with rooms and doors and staircases and dark tunnels to explore. I was in heaven. I love that stuff. The kids loved it too. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0278 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0279 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0291 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0360George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0345 Oh boy, I love this picture….In the fort there is an old brick oven bakery. Jeff was mortified that I was putting the kids in the oven….but how could I resist? If you look close you can see that our little bun in the oven (Emmeline) had a great taste of old old soot. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0377

George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0326 These stone archways brought me back to my study abroad adventure in Israel. I had the kids and Jeff and Eli sing with me to take advantage of the great acoustics. It sounds so cool to sing in places like that. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0387 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0395

We had a picnic lunch on top of the fort with a great view of Boston. It was Emmeline’s 6 month birthday (to the date), so we gave her her very first meal then and there. She did great (with Hazel’s help of course). George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0396

We spent a good hour napping by the beach. The clouds cleared just in time for Hazel and Charlie to search for sea glass. We discovered it to be kind of addicting, sea glass is memorizing to me….it’s amazing what the ocean can make out of old beer bottles. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0428 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0436 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0451 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0462 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0482 George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0239 Guess we wore him out with ADVENTURE. George's Island and Grace's Baptism-0536 I can’t wait to go again! I love that place!


  1. I never did make it all the way out to the islands. i am glad that you made it out there and that there was some exploring to do. always look for the unlocked doors huh?

  2. Oh Saydi, please don't tell me you had to do this withOUT the Beco! And if so, you are in trouble for not calling to ask me to use mine. (or was this a while ago?)

  3. I love the 'kids in the oven' picture! It's very Hansel and Gretle and (at least for me) not far from reality.

  4. SO cute Sayds! Man you guys are having some great adventures! Love you.



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