Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i heart photography

Now that Emmeline is eating real food (more about that to come) I’ve decided to pick up my photography business a little more (I can be away from her for more than a few hours….yippee!). These few photo shoots over the past month have made me really excited. It is so rewarding for me to meet so many cool (and beautiful) families and children. I always leave a shoot so happy that the family let me witness and capture their family togetherness and love (ok that sounded really super cheesy…..but it’s true, it’s a very uplifting thing to witness). And, as a full time mom, it is very rewarding to get out and do something different….something that doesn’t get undone three seconds after doing it. I heart photography.

I got to photograph little C and family for the THIRD time before her family moved away. Click here to see how beautiful this little one is at every stage. They chose to do the shoot on Beacon Hill…..which I thought was a perfect way to say goodbye to Boston. This family is so fun and easy to shoot, I can’t get over how beautiful and natural they all are in front of the camera. Little C posed up a storm even though she was probably frozen. Caroline One Year-2042 Caroline One Year-2045 Caroline One Year-2056 Caroline One Year-2075

I can’t get over those eyes, that head tilt, those little curls coming out the back. Caroline One Year-2132 Caroline One Year-2165 I love the drool. Caroline One Year-2351 The Light Family-1166

Then there was the L family. These guys were awesome. I wish I could bottle up that kids energy! He was running and throwing and toddling. His parents were so sweet as they interacted with him. One-year-old shoots always give me quite a work out, but I love how un-posed and full of joy the images end up looking. The Light Family-1168 The Light Family-1311The Light Family-1204

This whole family has gorgeous blue eyes. The Light Family-1446The Light Family-1249 The Light Family-1254 The Light Family-1377Mom and Dad totally dug it that I asked them to kiss in the background…..I love their son’s expressions in these. The Light Family-1379 The Light Family-1398The Light Family-1479The Light Family-1655 Yes! I caught it! This was one of the first times this little guy stood up on his own. Clearly they are all very proud. Look at those chubby little thighs. Oh, I love one year olds!The Light Family-1580

I shot baby N a while back, but haven’t had a chance to post any pictures. Her mom works with Jeff and bid on a photo shoot at a charitable auction at work. This baby was dreamy during the shoot. baby nora-8905

baby nora-8880

Pure daddy love. baby nora-8844baby nora-8739

baby nora-8863

baby nora-8949

baby nora-8750


  1. Ahhh Saydi, these are amazing! When Mike saw that head tilt one, he said,
    "Do we not have the cutest baby anymore?"

    Seriously. Soooo cute!

  2. that is some amazing talent to catch all of that sayds. the kids are cute but to be able to CAPTURE it is pretty phenominal.

  3. My favorite is the one with the little boy in front and the parents kissing back behind. So cute. Great job Sayds.



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