Friday, June 26, 2009

Bar Harbor 2009

We had a spectacular family trip to Bar Harbor over Memorial Day (I can’t believe that’s a month ago now, when am I going to have things up to date, put together….probably never). 
We had had a great trip there last year and I didn’t think it could get much better…..and I wasn’t expecting too much given our three kid status, but my expectations were exceeded.  I really loved nearly every minute of it.  There is something about going back to a place….tradition, all that.  I already can’t wait til next harbor-2645
We spent three beautiful (perfect weather) days biking, hiking, eating, seeing beautiful thing after beautiful thing.  I came home saturated by all the beauty we saw.  That much beauty feels good to the soul.
bar harbor-0349
We went with two of my favorite families.  It’s so nice to be around other families….especially stealer ones who are a little further ahead of us in our parenting.  I learned so much watching them and enjoyed their company so much. bar harbor-2626bar harbor-2549
(Jordan’s Pond Restaurant….perfect setting, great food, we were even able to have a “kids table” and an “adult table.”  It was awesome)
And the best part is that my brother Tal joined us with his very cool girl friend Anita.  They had been planning on going to Bar Harbor over Memorial day and it wasn’t until a few weeks before the trip that we put it together that we’d be in the same place at the same time.  They ended up staying at the same Motel as we did (separate rooms of course) and…..drum roll please….they got engaged on Saturday morning.  It was so awesome to be a small part of such a significant event for both of them.  They make a remarkable couple, they are so comfortable to be around, so fun to talk to, so aware and kind and good and you can tell they really love each other.  The fact that they got engaged really made my weekend….I love Anita and I love seeing Tal so happy.  The deserve each harbor-2539
bar harbor-2552bar harbor-2718
The kids were happy and really pretty easy to travel with.  We had a great “family room” at the Bar Harbor Motel where we could put all three down in the back room and enjoy hanging out with friends and family in the front room.  It was ideal.  AND Emmeline slept the longest she has slept in her life in her little KidCo tent.  I was in HEAVEN. bar harbor-2592
The bike rides through Acadia are breathtaking.  They have all kinds of very kid friendly (no cars allowed) carriage paths that wind around sparkling lakes and through sun dappled forest.  bar harbor-2783There is nothing greater than going downhill on a bike, especially  after a long challenging climb, and with a little chatterbox 4 3/4 year old in a child seat behind you.  I think on of my favorite Hazel memories ever will be the two of us flying down a hill, Hazel behind me with her arms outstretched, looking up to the sky and hollering, “I FEEL ALIVE!!!”  We did feel alive.  We had some great chats with her behind me.  It struck me as I was riding with her that I’m a mom, with a nearly five year old.  How did I get here? 
bar harbor-2820bar harbor-2795 bar harbor-2818
Emmeline was a champ and slept in the trailer whenever we needed her too (even with Charlie pestering her a lot of the time)bar harbor-0347  We spent a lot of time throwing rocks into water.  Strange how kids (and dads) feel such a thrill seeing what kind of splash they can make. bar harbor-0351
This is a really blurry picture of downtown Bar Harbor.  Jeff got the kids HUGE ice cream cones which they quickly managed to drop onto the floor, pick back up, resume licking and  dripping all over themselves.  I love ice cream cones.   But hey, it’s a tradition. bar harbor-2446Uncle Tal brought along a bunch of his tools (he’s the East Coast sales rep for a tool company).  This quickly elevated him to ‘coolest uncle ever’ status in Charlie’s eyes.  They all love their uncle Tal. How could you not love him? bar harbor-2451 bar harbor-2455The first evening we went to Acadia national park and had a cook out.  I love cook outs.  I love the food, the talks inspired by camp fires, the gooey s’moores, the dirt, the way you smell like campfire and bug spray as you curl up in bed afterwards.  I love them, and it’s so fun to have kids who are getting old enough to delight in these same things.   bar harbor-2464     bar harbor-2469bar harbor-2722
On Sunday we went for an amazing hike, across a beach and up some steep rocks to a head overlooking the rugged, evergreen lined, rocky main coast.  It was really beautiful.  Soul satisfying.  bar harbor-2713  bar harbor-2667The kids seemed to love it.  I love what nature does for kids.  Ask them to walk to the library with you through busy city streets and they complain the whole time…..ask them to climb high rocks and hike upward through beauty for an hour and they’re happy as clams.  bar harbor-2688    bar harbor-2761 bar harbor-2764   
Until next year, Bar Harbor.  


  1. WOW! How fun to see these gorgeous pictures of these wonderful people! I love the light that tells you you're looking at Maine!

    Fun to see more pics of Tal and Anita and to see those kids growing up. Hazel is becoming so beautiful. Love her new relatively new haircut and Charlie's adorable expressions and that cute little toad Emmeline! Cant' wait to get my hands on her!

  2. Like most years that pass, Bar Harbor was my most favorite moment this year. Every time we drive out, I start longing for the next trip. The more trips we rack up the more items I deem essential: bikes, windbreakers, smores ingredients, Quinns,and Shumways.

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful place. I especially love the picture of Hazel (new haircut) with the crocheted flower in her hair. I need that for our digital frame and to put on the sofa table in the living room. Got to update all of them--they're out of date by almost 2 years.



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