Friday, June 26, 2009

and the winner is….

-5276First, before I announce the winner of the mini-photoshoot from last week’s blog, I have to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t post this on Wed, which is when Haze and I actually picked the winner out of a bowl…..things have been a little bit crazy around here.  What have I been doing?  That’s the problem, I don’t even know exactly.  Most of what I’ve been doing has been undone right after doing it.  I cook and prepare….they eat and consume.  I clean and sweep and mop, they track in more dirt and drop peach chunks and cheerios and purple staining cherry chunks on the floor.  I fold, they unfold and throw all over the floor.  I wipe, they poop again. 

Thankfully I’ve been spending huge chunks of time editing photos, and that’s the one thing that doesn’t get undone minutes later.   I love that about photography, every mother needs to have something in her life that doesn’t get undone….something that you can walk away from to go and fold, pick up, mop, sweep, clean, cook, wipe, change, cheer, mend, kiss, tickle….and when you come back hours later it’s still there, just as you left it.  Your unchanging creation.  I love  my changing creations: my kids, my house, my kitchen but they are all in constant ebb and flow, being done and undone.  My photos just stay.  Yes, they are time consuming and I dread them at times….but at least they don’t get undone.

Ok, sorry about the tangent….had to get that off my chest….and I had a captive audience.

The winner of the photo shoot this fall is:

-5279Bonnie Tonita White

Please get in touch with me Bonnie and I’ll give you more info about these mini shoots I’m doing in Oct and November.  If anyone else is interested in these, let me know.  I think they’re going to fill up fast.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, both on my blog and on Dare to Dream.  I loved reading what people had to say about the photos in their lives.  It reconfirmed what I’m believe more and more each day: imagery is important.  It’s how we define ourselves, how we become who we need to be. 


  1. Love the "doesn't get undone" thought Saydi! So true!

  2. I am Bonnie White - ta-dah! But I live in Calgary, Alberta. So I would like this to go to someone else. Where do you live? My daughter just got married in Cambridge. She didn't have a photographer. And I am sure there must be many people to whom you could give this to.

    I loved your wisdom that every mother should have something that she does that doesn't get undone. How astute and how true. I love your work. Please see my blog at - my favorite blogs are leaving the nest and two tributes to my parents. And you can see the amature photography that captured my daughter's wedding.



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