Thursday, June 18, 2009

She wears pig tails and she’s sitting up?

She’s just growing up too fast. I can’t stand it!emmeline's first pigtales-3881 emmeline's first pigtales-3860 emmeline's first pigtales-3873

Pig tales are not her most flattering look….they kind of accentuate those huge cheeks. emmeline's first pigtales-3876Jeff and I have decided that Emmeline is much cuter in real life so far than in her pictures….so watch out those who have yet to meet her in person. She’ll charm your socks off.


  1. Saydi! I just saw all the great comments you got on your guest post--well done! It clearly resonated with a lot of people.

  2. She is just too adorable! It is so fun to be able to spy on your cute fam through this blog! Hope we get to see you while your up at the lake this summer :) XOXOX

  3. She looks pretty darn cute in those pictures to me. Nice dress, BTW :).

  4. This child is just so adorable, squeezable, smoochable, loveable! Can't wait to get my hands on her!



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