Thursday, June 11, 2009

break these chains of love......

I know I just wrote a rambling post about my love of breast feeding....but as of today, I'm fed up with the captor at my breast! She's been biting....yes, biting HARD. Is it teething? Frustration that breast milk doesn't come as fast as solid foods? Not sure, but I do know that it is PAIN FULL!!!

I tried flicking her cheek the other day when she bit, and that just totally freaked her out and made her refuse to nurse for a few hours.....

Any ideas on how to stop this biting without weaning? I really don't want to break free of her yet. (But don't get me wrong little Missy, I will be done with you if you don't quit the chomping.)

Please send them my way. Please please please. I'm dying here.


  1. My mom says to push her head into your breast while saying "no" in a really firm voice. I guess that triggers them to release without pulling back with closed teeth, causing more pain/damage. Then if she does it again, do the same thing and then put her down and stop nursing for a while. After a few tries she'll stop. This worked for Caroline. I agree that this stage is really not fun. Good luck!

  2. I'm so sorry you're going through this! I don't think I ever found a good solution. I like what Maddy said - sounds like a good idea. But just know I'm so sorry! There's almost nothing worse than that intense pain and frustration and anger from a hard bite!

  3. You don't know me, but what Maddy said worked for all six of my kiddos.

  4. Hi's vanessa again. I just read this...and sorry I don't have any advise...but more.. this makes me scared for when Gabriel gets teeth. He is 4 months now...and I seriously think he is teething. I have absolutely LOVED breastfeeding and concur with you on your previous post.


  5. When Peter bit me I'd just yelp. He was so shocked. It just took a couple of times and then he got the message. I'm sorry this is happening!!



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