Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby M (number two) and Family

Baby Mackenzie-2841

This is the third time I’ve got to go and hang out with this great family and take their pictures. I was so surprised by how different their second baby girl looks from their first (Jeff and I seem to make only one baby mold…they all look like Jeff). They are both breathtakingly beautiful and seem to like being in front of the camera. Look at those amazing big baby eyes.Baby Mackenzie-2852Baby Mackenzie-3020 Baby Mackenzie-2985Baby Mackenzie-3112 Baby Mackenzie-3022 Baby Mackenzie-3074 I loved capturing their family interactions. Look at all that love! Baby Mackenzie-3442Baby Mackenzie-3247 Baby Mackenzie-3282 It’s been so fun to see this little girl grow up! Click here and here to see her grow. Baby Mackenzie-3184


  1. Saydi this photography is just absolutely amazing! I think it might have as much to do with the beautiful photographer as the beautiful children!

  2. saydi these pictures are incredable!! great job. i love you love Noha. i didn't mean to write noha but i kinda like it so i'll leave it. you can call me noha if you'd like



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