Friday, July 03, 2009

messy baby

What happened to my nice clean baby? Oh yeah, I started her on solids. I do miss that clean little sweet smelling breast feeding thing.....but I think we'll still keep her, broccoli mouth and all. Landon's Birthday and eating Emmeline-3840 Landon's Birthday and eating Emmeline-3799 It's around this time of babyhood that I wish with all my heart I had a dog to eat up all these scraps.Landon's Birthday and eating Emmeline-3811

Luckily I have two little kids who either eat her mess off the ground or recycle it back up onto her tray. It's great. Very hygenic. I should be mother of the year.

Landon's Birthday and eating Emmeline-3817

And they provide her with great dinner time entertainment.

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  1. Sign us up! Rob and MA -- two charter members of the Emmeline Fan Club! We think she is the most darling baby around with her rosebud mouth and her fabulous cheeks. Rob will always remember her in her bumbo chair; MA in her Kidco tent.



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