Friday, July 03, 2009

Jeff’s replacement wife

So, we’re off this afternoon.  Off the the bliss of Bear Lake for nearly a month.  Ahhhh, I really can’t wait!  Still miles of stuff to do in the next few hours before leavening….and then there’s trying to survive the 5 plus hour plane ride with three kids alone.  It might be h-e- double tooth picks for me…..but once we’re there, we’re there and my whole soul can relax.  family around, no computer (my kids have remarked several times about how excited they are for me not to have a computer….sad), beauty, dryness, no rain, sunshine (not to make all you Bostonians jealous or anything).  Man, am I excited. Baby Nina and Family-6811

Poor Jeff is being left here for a three day holiday weekend alone.  Luckily, just this week he bought this here motorcycle (i know, VEERRRRY DANGEROUS)….but, as Jeff explained to me, he needs some danger in his mid-life life.  And, although I’ve DRAGGED my feet about this whole motorcycle idea, there’s nothing greater than the smile he had on his face as he walked in the door after making the craigslist purchase.   Baby Nina and Family-6810

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  1. looks like a perfect purchase Jeff!



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