Friday, July 03, 2009

one beautiful day

plum island summer-5476

Last week we FINALLY got a beautiful day after rain and rain and more rain and a ten day forecast full of rain.  It sure felt good to feel some heat, see some blue, squint our eyes.  And of course, go to the beach.  We were there for hours and hours and loved every minute of it (except the getting to and from the car part….I always hate the part, but it’s soooo worth it).plum island summer-5387plum island summer-5412Emmeline LOVED the sand.  After trying to eat it a bit and deciding that it wasn’t too tasty she just crawled around and practiced her pincer grip.  I loved it, all the fun of toys with nothing but a sandy baby to clean up.  plum island summer-5381plum island summer-5438She also loved crewing around after her big friend Audra who she idolized almost as much as Charlie idolized Audra’s big brother Landon. plum island summer-5436plum island summer-5490plum island summer-5456plum island summer-5403  plum island summer-5414This is Emmeline’s new face.  Imagine her breathing really loudly in and out through her nose while doing it.  She does this all the time, I’m not sure what she’s saying by it, but always seems pretty pleased when she does it.   plum island summer-5419 plum island summer-5429 plum island summer-5459 plum island summer-5463   plum island summer-5543 plum island summer-5551 plum island summer-5566 plum island summer-5571 plum island summer-5574 Charlie couldn't get enough of following poor Landon around.  It’s hard to be so cool, you’ve got to have these little guys try to act big and drool over your every move. plum island summer-5578 plum island summer-5579 plum island summer-5602 plum island summer-5610Here’s Hazel, taking a picture of the day with her brain as we were leaving.  She said, mom, I didn’t bring my camera, so I’ve got to take a picture with my brain, the proceeded to tap her head and make clicking sounds as she looked around, smelled, drank it all in.  I’m sure she wishes I’d take more pictures with my brain and less with my camera……you are absolutely right little Haze, but I don’t think my brain is quite as good as yours anymore….I need some real pictures or I’ll forget.  She made me think I should try to take some more brain pictures though.   plum island summer-5611

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