Saturday, July 04, 2009

pictures I've been meaning to post

I am so far behind on posting blog pictures.....and now it overwealms me so much that I just try to procrastinate it all away....which isn't working. I've decided instead, I should just get them up there. No witty commentary, no great writing, just documentaiton of what we've been up to. So here goes, get ready for a stream of them over the next little bit.

Uncle Tal has made quite a number of surprise visits the past few months. The kids are always more than delighted. He calles them "puppies" and "taco" and takes them to Pine Banks Park for adventure. And, best of all for Charlie, he always brings some wicked cool tools and let's charlie hold them and drool over them (litterally).bar harbor-0316We have a favorite ice cream joint just down the road (the "cow place" as Charlie likes to call it. During the spring (when the weather was better than it is now....sad, I know) we went there whenever it was warm enough to roll down the windows. One small bowl, two sugar cones and a spoon to split it up. I'm a really cheap mom. I don't think they know that they could have anythign different....ignorance is harbor-0331

We do go to the library, sometimes.....I wish more often. I love this sculpture, adn the kids do to. bar harbor-0333 Here we are at the 'cow place' again....a shumway family biking adventure. Even though it is less than a mile away from home, going via bike felt very adventureous.....and a little dangerous. Dont' know if we'll be doing that again. bar harbor-0372

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