Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beauty: BL Favorite thing #6

bear lake-8025I really don’t think I’d ever tire of watching the colors change at bear lake.  Every hour has it’s own unique beauty.  I tried to capture some of that on camera this year….but it’s never the same as actually being there….feeling the beauty with your whole soul….the smells, the breeze on your face, the taste in your mouth, the sand on your feet. bear lake-7988bear lake-9098bear lake-9095  bear lake-9143  I love the afternoon sparkly water.  I really think there is nothing more soothing to the soul than sun on water.  bear lake-9189

The clouds that roll through all day are amazing.  Hazel was good at finding all kinds of shapes in them….wish we’d taken a picture of some of her discoveries.    bear lake-8955

And, oh, those rays shooting down on cloudy afternoons.  My mom always called them Angel Slides.  Hazel really liked that name.   bear lake-8677bear lake-7837 Hazel also loved watching the sunsets with me.  All the beauty brought out the poet in her.  Here’s the poem she dictated to me as we watched the sunset our last night at BL:

When it sunsets at Bear lake

there’s so many colors I can see

there’s pink and orange and yellow

all sorts of colors

Maybe a little bit of colors in the rainbow.

All of the other kids kind of like the sunset.

But I love the sunset.

It shines and sparkles,

a lot like the sun over the lake.

I hope the sunset at home is like this.

And all the clouds, they turn colors, and laugh and laugh when the sun sets.

Oh –that could is pink and blue

oh, that is so beautiful. 

I wish I could be that cloud.

The sunset is almost finishing.  I will say goodbye to my beautiful sunset tonight. bear lake-7851    

bear lake-9183

What’s really beautiful is having so much time to kick back and soak it all in.  It felt really good.


  1. What photography! And what a terrific poem Hazel! I loved the part about the laughing clouds. So TRUE!

  2. Loved your poem, Hazel! You are such a creative, good writer. We still love the story that you wrote for Maddie!



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