Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Mama: Bear Lake favorite thing #7

josh's camera-8849By far one of our most entertaining things throughout the years has been the “big mama.” The original Big Mama blew away or popped years ago, but each year we have something similar and it provides hours of entertainment…… from riding and watching, but especially from looking at the pictures afterwards. Something about freezing the riders bounces and expressions can be priceless. josh's camera-8922

Hazel and Charlie both DUG this thing. josh's camera-8935 Charlie had this perma grin for the entire ride. josh's camera-8941

He was a little cautious about giving the thumbs up once they got a little speed (notice his thumb is up, but he’s still holding on). josh's camera-8999But by midway through his ride he was right there, both thumbs up. josh's camera-8954

I love how they’re both looking so adoringly at their big uncle Eli. josh's camera-8965 josh's camera-8969 I LOVE how content Hazel is with the world in this one. She’s looking up like this is the moment she’s been waiting for all her life. Perhaps it is! She really did love everything to do with speed. She even tried waterskiing a few times. utah - little canon-0358

And I HAD to stick this one in there. Look at my mom’s face. When we can get her to stop working and come and play, she is by far the funniest person to watch on this thing . Oh, I love my mom.

And I truly did go out with my kids on this thing. With all three of them in fact…..but for some reason it was never captured. So, just imagine me out there with Hazel and Charlie and Emmeline, grinning up a storm.


  1. I have to admit that this was a pretty wild and out-of control ride with my two darling daughter-in-laws. They did everything they could to dump us, to my horror! FUN DAY!

  2. I love your mom too!



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