Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bloomington Lake – BL favorite thing #2

bear lake-8160

One of the highlights of Bear Lake is our annual trip across the lake and through the Bloomington Canyon to Bloomington lake.  You’re all surrounded by sage brush and dessert and the barren beauty of the Bear Lake valley and then suddenly you pop into a place that so lush and different, it looks like the Alps.  You take a little hike through knolls and fields of wild flowers till you hit the aqua glacier waters of Bloomington lake.  It’s breath taking (beautiful, and super duper cold).  bear lake-8123

Hazel and Charlie were quite the little hikers.  I think they were pretty excited to leave Bear Lake (we hadn’t been in the car in a week!).  bear lake-8135

bear lake-8155utah - little canon-0100      Finally this year I got to take my first swing on the gigantic rope swing (I’ve been either too pregnant or too wussy the other years to do it).  This year, encouraged by Hazel and Charlie, I got up the guts to go and it was awesome.  bear lake-8175

Hazel was a little afraid for me.  She’s a great blend of caution and adventure.   bear lake-8199

I couldn’t get enough of these fields and the blue sky and the wildflowersbear lake-8193 bear lake-8139 bear lake-8145 bear lake-8158 bear lake-8203

We felt alive.  (Above is Hazel’s “I FEEL ALIVE” photo pose….you’ll notice as you look through the blog that she does it a lot.  Oh, I love that girl!)


  1. Wow- those are some awesome pictures. I especially love the first one, where hazel just looks so little in the midst of the big trees and mountains. Also, nice form on the rope swing :) What a fun time!

  2. What fun to see this...since I missed the trip! Heaven as always...and you should go out for "rope swing" in the olympics!



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