Thursday, August 06, 2009

will they ever get tired of the beach? BL favorite thing #1

 bear lake-8058

Oh the joy of the beach.   Nearly every day at Bear Lake (and we were there for a month) included hours and hours at the beach.  The beach is magical.  It can captivate children day in and day out.  I kept thinking, “oh, they’re going to not want to go the beach today….how could Charlie dig one more hole.”  But I was always wrong he always had more digging in him.  Sure, nearly every day they’d throw a small fit about suiting and slathering up for the beach….but once they were there it was heaven for all involved.  They were happily entertained by the sand and waves and I was happily relaxed by beauty all around, good books and cool people to talk to. bear lake-7955bear lake-7738

These little boy cousins were serious about their projects down there.  Always busily working to collect “goo” (not sure what that was, but it was serious business), or dig to china or create rivers and cities, or search for dinosaur bones.  bear lake-7739 bear lake-7765   bear lake-7970  bear lake-7986  bear lake-8005    bear lake-8330Even Emmeline couldn’t get enough of crawling around and eating sand. 

bear lake-8334

bear lake-8319 She’d get a little worried anytime a pair of legs would walk away (she couldn’t really distinguish which legs were the ones she was supposed to be attached to, so she just got a little worried anytime anyone walked away.)  Bless this little girl, she napped so well that a lot of our beach time was without her crawling everywhere….which was pretty nice.    bear lake-8264 My favorite time of day at the beach is late evening….the lake gets all shimmery, the light slants and it seems there are little crystals all around in the air.  Everything looks clear and slow and soft and illuminated….and time kind of stands still for a bit till we realize it’s past 8pm and time to tub, eat, tuck and sleep so that we can start all over the next day.


  1. That top photo is worth a thousand words!

  2. Wow, it takes looking back at to really realize how much fun we had! What great memories...and what great kids!



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