Wednesday, August 05, 2009

plane ride 3:1

I was pretty much dreading our plane ride out to Utah for the summer.  Just me and the kids.  Oh, the thought of being stuck in such a small space wrestling three kids for 5 hours didn’t sound too fun.  My expectations were low….and BINGO, they were exceeded.  The kids did a great job.  There were even long stretches of the flight that were quite enjoyable. 

It helped that we got to fly direct.  I had originally booked us on a horrible lay over long flight out of Manchester (an hours drive from our home).  But thanks to the blessed delta/northwest merger they kept changing our itinerary until at one point Charlie was on a different flight from me and the girls (I would have taken that scenario had they let me!).  I called to let them know that they probably didn’t want Charlie without me and they changed us all the the non-stop leaving right from Boston.  It was awesome…..maybe a little karma compensation for the Delta/bathtub/house flooding incident. 

utah - little canon-0473

Anyway, I just have three things to say about airplane travel with three kids:

1. Blow Pops.  Most effective bribery…..and it helps plugged up ears.

2. Beco, baby bjorn or some other kind of baby carrier with no metal.  You don’t have to take them off going through security!  What have I been doing taking my kids through in strollers all these years?  Getting them out of those, folding them up, putting them on the belt while holding a baby and then putting the whole assembly together while your belt-less pants are falling down and you’re trying to put on shoes (all the while surrounded by a thousand impatient people) is not fun. 

3. those mini tv’s on the back of the seats ROCK.

utah - little canon-0484

This little gal was as happy as a clam the entire time.  I’ve decided that she is my favorite toy.  Yes, I’d rather be on the plane alone with a good book, but she’s not bad entertainment.  utah - little canon-0500

And oh, the views.  I love flying.  And it was actually kind of fun sharing my excitement and love for it with my kids.  Charlie was bursting from the seams he was so excited…..he was explaining to me and anyone who would listen, his ideas on how everything worked on the plane.  He spent an hour fiddling around with his little controls and his head phones.  He loves having buttons to push and things to figure out. utah - little canon-0503

And, it helped that we were flying into one of my favorite places on earth.  How can you not LOVE those mountains. 

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  1. I remember those feelings of terror on a plane with a bunch of little kids. It makes every ride on your own with a good book all the more enjoyable! So glad they were good and LOVE the photography!



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