Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandma Great: BL favorite thing #5

bear lake-7598

We got to take a little trip with the Loosli’s through gorgeous Logan canyon to Grandma Great’s house. It was so good to see her, let the kids sleep where Grandfather slept as a kid, play with her great hand made real jigsaw puzzles, and talk to her till late in the night. I love my Grandma Ruthie so much and I’m happy my kids know her.

bear lake-7628

I feel like Charlie and Grandma Great have a special bond. His middle name “Dean” is after her life long love, Grandpa Dean. Charlie was even born on his birthday. I never met him (he died when my dad was 15). She told Charlie some stories about Dean and showed him some pictures and I think he felt extra cool. bear lake-7631 bear lake-7659

bear lake-7683


  1. How wonderful to see these pictures! Wish I could have been there but this is almost as good! These pictures will be treaures forever.

  2. I love the look on Emmeline's face while getting a kiss from Grandma Great. She is the most precious baby. We wish we could see her and kiss those cheeks!



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