Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Goals: BL Favorite Thing #4

bear lake-8556Lest the free form and lack of structure at Bear Lake corrupt the kids, it’s been an Eyre tradition for years to have summer “deals.” We did them growing up….every single summer. It’s how we raised our money for school clothes. So, this year, I figured my kids were old enough to have their own summer “deals.” They were really into it. bear lake-8562

bear lake-7952Charlie petered out after the first little bit….but Hazel went strong the whole time. Whenever she got a little board I told her to go and work on her goals. She’d look at her chart and get going. I loved watching that determination. bear lake-8662

She was especially determined by the “be a rock star” goal. Practiced daily, almost hourly. She now knows quite a few rock songs….can sing them word for word, and even has actions. A very important skill, if you ask me.


  1. Fantastic idea. I love it. And being a tennis coach in a former life and a music teacher in my current life, I love the tennis lessons and be a rock star entries on the list.

  2. I loved seeing all those pictures! I loved so much getting to know you and your kids. They are simply amazing! I remember telling Hazel after she painted my nails that she should mark off an act of service on her paper. She told me she could not until her mom approved her task being an act of service. I sure hope she got one for that! My nails stayed polished for a whole week! Honest, I went to work for a week with peach and purple nails! It was a nice reminder of my fabulous weekend with wonderful people.

  3. You gotta love those summer goals!



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