Monday, August 24, 2009

S family at Castle Island

Sweeny Family-7607

Oh, I love this job. I get to meet such cool families and go to such cool places. These guys were great, super low key, natural fun. And I loved Castle Island, I’d never been before. It was kind of a weird foggy day, but it made the light so cool and magical. Sweeny Family-7616 Sweeny Family-7739 Sweeny Family-7757 Sweeny Family-7828 Sweeny Family-7890 Sweeny Family-7954 Sweeny Family-8005These little guys can really play chess. I was amazed. Seriously, what three and five year old play chess together? Sweeny Family-8014 Sweeny Family-8035 Sweeny Family-8079 sweeny family-8210 sweeny family-8262

sweeny family-8364

Can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of them.


  1. These pictures are FABULOUS! What a place, what a day, what a family!

  2. LOVE the light! Amazing SAydi.

  3. Your photos are amazing! Wish you were closer so you could take some of our family :)



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