Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer with Hazel

bear lake-8650

Oh, this girl lives life with DETERMINATION.  I loved having so much time to be with her this summer.  She is a really remarkable little girl.  I think I’ve said this before, but the traits that sometimes make her into a tricky to deal with 4 year old will be the same ones that will make her a remarkable adult.  I thank my friend H and my dear Jeff for helping me remember this when I’m a bit frustrated by her.  She is fiery and opinionated and fierce and sensitive and so wanting to do everything right and her brain is sharp as a tack and she has a golden little heart.   utah - little canon-0703

I loved watching Hazel make friends up at Bear Lake.  There is a constant flow of different kids passing through and Hazel did so well playing with them all.  I remember being a bit worried about her last year cause she couldn’t seem to figure out how to play without bossing or feeling left out or getting her feelings totally gashed.  I remember feeling like I had to be that “cool mom” and invite all the little 3 year olds into my room to have a hip dance party so that they’d like Hazel.  No more of that this year.  She held her own.  She still preferred to play alone a lot of the time, but I realized that that’s what she wanted, not what she was being forced into due to insecurity or inability to make friends.  She just wants some space sometimes.  And I like that.

Hazel discovered nail polish while at BL this year.  She was THE manicurist of the lake.  Every person who showed up there was asked (within 5 min of arrival) if they wanted their nails painted.  Thanks to everyone who submitted to the sparkly purple and peach designs she painted on every willing nail.  They were quite unique. utah - little canon-0810

She was also a little dare devil.  She tried water skiing a few times.  I thought for sure she’d be tired of it after being dragged for a full 10 seconds behind the boat on her first attempt (I forgot to tell her to let go of the rope if her face was under water).  She just got those skis back on and tried again.  Didn’t progress much…..she’s told me that she only wanted to try.  She doesn’t think she can actually ski until she’s 5 like her cousin Claire who did it on her first try.   utah - little canon-0825

She was pretty good at jumping off the raft.  I love her little legs kicked up.  She was scared at first, but, like I said, that little girl is determined and competitive…..she couldn’t be left in the dust with all those cousins being so brave.  bear lake-8731I love this picture of Hazel with her dear cousin Eliza.  Hazel really soaked in the beauty of Bear Lake.  It’s so fun to have a little friend with me all the time who loves nature like I do. bear lake-8052  I really love this little big girl.  bear lake-8651


  1. Oh it looks like you and the kids had a blast! I love that you take the time to cherish and document these little moments of your children's lives.

  2. The photography on your site is great. It certainly looks like you have a great time together.

    By the way, I stumbled across your blog through Linn's.



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