Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charlie’s Favorite things about Bear Lake

bear lake-7815Charlie was very into everything about Bear Lake this year.  He was enthusiastic about everything we did….from the plane ride out to the plane ride back.  He’s a happy little guy… into how things work and how big he is.  He’s so different from that 2 1/2 year old I had with me at Bear Lake last year. 

In my opinion, he’s growing up too fast. 

utah - little canon-0282

I love how delighted Charlie was by the beach.   He’s a builder.  He likes to plan and build.  Maybe he’ll be an engineer, or an architect.  He’s so into how things work and how to put things together.  I think the beach fed right into this obsession.  So much to control and build and put together.  bear lake-8767 bear lake-8808 My favorite thing is that every day after getting totally dirty, Charlie would excuse himself from the beach, walk up to the cabin and give himself a bath.  He’d even get himself out, dry off, stylishly dishevel his hair and get dressed all ready for dinner.  When I’d see him and comment on his self sufficiency he’d beam with pride. bear lake-8812

He’s so proud that he’s now three and a half.  On and a few days after his half birthday he’d tell me over and over again: “ask me how old I am” then proudly beam that he’s three and a half. utah - little canon-0828

  I tell him over and over that no matter how big he gets, he needs to still give me nice hugs and cuddles.  He is one sweet little guy when he wants to be. bear lake-8568

Despite his face in this picture……he was over the moon when Uncle Jo found these two old beat up jet skies to buy.  He’d go out with me or Jeff and steer and even push down the gas.  A smile stretched wide across his face the whole time.  It was only when the thing would stop and the waves would rock it that he’d FREAK out like this.  He’s a passionate little guy.  bear lake-8572  bear lake-8781

bear lake-8816Charlie loved having so many big guy cousins to look up to and try to impress.  He’s really into boys that are a bit bigger than him right now.  He wants so much to gain their approval.  It’s pretty funny. bear lake-8946  bear lake-8860-2  And of course, Charlie loved sitting on any big piece of machinery.  I guess it’s just in his blood. Really, what little boy wouldn’t love that great big read tractor!bear lake-8863bear lake-8966

And, Charlie spent a lot of time experimenting with all kinds of things.  “What will happen if I throw this pointy stick up into the air?” bear lake-8970 

“Oh, it will hit me.”

I love this little guy.   


  1. OK, that was a great post. Especially the last two pictures -- I think you and Charlie will be happy you got those someday!

  2. Your slew of bear lake pictures and comments have been absolutely delightful! If only every family had a place like that they could rendezvous, connect, and just be! You guys are so very lucky!!!

    Saydi - your photography is gorgeous and you have such a good pulse on your kids. I love reading your perspective. Good luck slipping back into East Coast speed. Love, Cath

  3. I've loved all these posts so much! Thank you thank you for capturing so much so well - I echo all your sentiments - and I steal a lot of your pictures! You're one amazing photographer. When you somehow find a minute one of these days, I'd sure love for you to send me the photos you took of the twins on the tractor that one extra beautiful afternoon. I love you!

  4. Oh - I just left a comment but the twins came up as I was finishing and looked at all the pictures of Charlie and said, almost in unison in their most heartfelt voices, "I miss Charlie." Then Ashton and Isaac and Liza came over and got a huge kick out of the last two pictures on this post. How did you manage to capture that???

  5. Wow sayds! That's the best coverage of BL ever. Thanks for posting it all. Sure miss that wonderful time!

    Love, Shas



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