Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 year rainbow


Way back on August 23rd we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  It was a Sunday, we were stuck without a babysitter…..we had church most of the day…..but somehow the day seemed to perfectly celebrate our seven years of marriage.

After church we packed up a picnic and headed to the Boston Temple with a bundle of wedding albums and memorabilia.  We sat on the lawn and ate a bit and went through some of the pictures and then some dark clouds started rolling in.  We quickly packed up (a bit worried about the rain ruining our wedding albums) and headed to the car….but we were stopped in our tracks by the beauty of the storm rolling in.  Dark clouds, glowing, underlit by the setting sun and two big rainbows arching the sky. 

For a second I could see the picture as if from above….me and Jeff, together, at the temple surrounded by three little ones….a family.  I remembered that day seven years ago when we forged this union, when we started this family.  I knew that day that we were beginning something good.  But I don’t think I realized how good…how powerful and challenging and fun and life altering what we were creating would be.  I don’t think I realized how much I would change and grow and give and cry and love.  Family is the most powerful thing in the world.  And it can be beautiful….even the ugly things in a family can become beautiful with the help of forgiveness and a Savior.   I’m so thankful for marriage and for parenthood and for family.  For all it has taught me, and for all I have in store, both good and bad.

That beautiful moment was interrupted when I pulled out my camera, only to find that I’d left the memory card in the computer at home, how could I not capture this magical moment?  Hazel reminded me that I could take a picture with my brain…..so I did.  I sat and took a breath and let all the beauty soak in around me.  I asked Hazel also to take a picture in her brain.  She did, and then she drew it for me so I could always remember that day.  I love the drawing.  Much better than I could have done with my camera. 

As we were almost to the car I looked up at the sky one last time.  Up in the clouds there was an amazing circular rainbow…..something I’ve never seen before….a full circle and it was perfectly encircling the golden statue of an angel on the steeple of the temple.  It was almost miraculous.  Must mean that we’ll make it seven times seventy more years and into eternity.

Thanks Jeff for making all of it so deep and meaningful and good. 


  1. Beautiful blog, beautiful day 7 years ago and beautiful, beloved family you two have created. We love you.

  2. Way to make me cry with this one, Sayds. What beautiful writing and what a beautiful family you have. We miss you guys!

  3. throw away that camera and get hazel lots of coloured pencils.

  4. I love this Sayds. So beautifully written! And so true. We are so lucky to have families.

  5. I loved reading your meaningful thoughts about your day - & Hazel, you are a great artist to capture that moment for your family! It was great to meet your kids this week. :)

  6. How perfect! Hazel I love that cute family...everyone looks just perfect...and the temple and rainbow in the background was even better than perfect!



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