Friday, October 30, 2009

some favorites

A few favorites from all the photo shoots I'm packing in between finding Halloween costumes, mommy school, teething and fixing some major things on the house.

Somerville Mini Sessions:somerville mini shoot-6712 somerville mini shoot-6722 somerville mini shoot-6746 somerville mini shoot-6952 somerville mini shoot-6992 somerville mini shoot-7014 somerville mini shoot-7028somerville mini shoot-7080  I love this dear family, we took pictures of them at the beach and at home on the very day they were moving.  I’ll miss them.-2738 -3116 -3350 -3518 -3751-3780 Beacon Hill Mini Sessions:-3870 -3884 -4016 -4075 -4308 -4410 And then there was sweet baby Teddy.  Don’t let the yawns fool you, this guy gave us a run four our money trying to get him to sleep…..but he gave us some pretty cute expressions in the process.-5020 -5044-6009-5298Then finally, sweet newborn baby sleep.  -5979 -5951   And this little miss M was adorable.  I love shooting 7 month old babies.  They sit still, they smile, the laugh.  She was perfect.-5638 -5652  -5732 -5739 -5778 -5792


  1. sayds, i love these! you are amazing!!! MISS YOU!

  2. Those shiny rails look like they're used a lot...were you worried about a train coming???

    Great pictures...nice job.

  3. You're just amazing, Saydria Joy! I MISS you too much for words. I wish you could photograph our little family. Mostly, I wish I could come over for a long visit and catch up on everything and get to know your adorable kids. When, oh, when will I ever get to Boston? xo

  4. What feast for the eyes! How did you learn to do this? HOW did you DO this amidst Halloween, motherschooling and teething???

  5. Wow! You stay busy - I loved seeing pictures of Heather and her family. Do you guys live close? Oh, too fun! I miss you all!



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