Sunday, November 01, 2009

a weekend away

Over Columbus Day weekend we got to get away… felt especially nice because the weekend  before when we had tried to get away we ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm.  we went to Hartford, CT first to watch our awesome friend Rebecca run her first marathon.  She let me tag a long for a few miles….it was awesome to run in something so big, but I felt like a huge fraud as people cheered me on.  It was so cool to see her do something so challenging.  Maybe one day.    -6169Afterward we went and had the best sandwich ever at Rein’s Deli….if you’re ever anywhere near Hartford stop there.  Eat a turkey Rachel on white bread smothered in butter and baked.  YUMMMM.  It left my mouth watering for days. 

Then we headed out to spend the rest of the weekend at a beautiful home in the Berkshires that belongs to some very generous friends (I’m so touched and inspired by people this giving) of the Snows. It was a perfect weekend…..beautiful fall weather and brilliant colors, fabulous food (including these waffles….everyone should make them this time of year), good friends, great conversations, lots of fun things for the kids to do….no broken arms.  -6174The kids “played” tennis, ran around all the open spaces, jumped on the trampoline, played in the basement with a plethora of friends and toys.  -6683 -6079-6083 -6333 We went for family walks….and went apple picking at an orchard just down the road.  -6259 -6340 Rebecca helped all the kids dip their own freshly picked apples in Carmel…..oh, divine.  -6581 -6590Charlie looked at slugs….. -6622 Emmeline ate grass……-6674    All in all, a perfect weekend.

berkshires to print


  1. Thanks for the blog, Saydi. Beautiful pictures and I love the girls' ponchos.
    Grandma S.

  2. It looks gorgeous! I am glad you had such a fun time!

    When we moved up here from NYC, I still had a semester left of courses at Cornell for my exec. master's program so we would drive down every Friday night to NYC and the 1/2 way point was Rein's deli, where Taylor would get a Ruben, I would get a Rachel, and we would split their rice pudding and birch beer. To die for. So glad you discovered our 1/2 stop:)
    PS, Fab photos of the weekend - just perfect.

  4. So fun to see these pictures while actually AT your house!

  5. Eye candy! Seriously! The color in your photos is amazing! Looks like a wonderful respite of a weekend. Thanks for sharing Saydi. Makes me miss Virginia and the East Coast... I love checking your blog!

  6. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Love the shots of the leaves. I miss the East Coast. My favorite photo is of the close up of Emmeline. Her little fingers are darling. Kirstin

  7. Oh my gosh I'm drooling over Fall. Love you.



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