Monday, November 16, 2009

Emmeline’s ONE!!!

Emmeline turned one a week ago today.  It’s a good thing that you can’t do damage by too much loving, cause we love this little girl a lot.  All of us.  A whole lot.  Maybe that’s why she is such a loving little one year old.   emmelines birth-3962This year has just flown by.  What is it with time, the more kids you have, the more you cherish them as babies and the faster their babyhood flies by?  When Hazel was a baby I remember listening to the cheesy MoTab song with these lyrics: “Turn around and their one, turn around and their four, turn around and they’re a young lad walking out of the door.”  I remember thinking those were ridiculous lyrics.  It seemed that the only thing that was happening when I turned around was that she was hungry/poopy/sleepy/crying again and again, and again.   That same song came on the iPod on Sunday and brought me to tears…as cheesy as it is, I know what they’re talking about…..these years are just flying by.  My little double chin chubby newborn is one!  It seems like just yesterday was the Sunday we brought her home and had a little birthday party for her on her very birthday.  emmelines birth-4153And now, here she is….an almost toddling,well loved little one year old cuddler.  She has completely changed our family for the better.  She’s filled our walls with that contagious full body belly laugh, she’s cuddled us and loved us almost as much as we have cuddled and loved her.  emmelines birth-4044Poor little third child didn’t get a single new present from any of us  but I don’t think she felt unloved.  The kids dug to the bottom of the toy boxes and found all their forgotten treasures and spent all day wrapping them up and making cards for little Emmie Rose. E-Mail23 She was as pleased as could be.  I love these pictures….I’m not sure who was more excited, Hazel, Charlie or Emmeline.  There is something so magical about having big kids and babies together.     E-Mail17I think her favorite present was the big stuffed dog that I’d put away in the basement.  She fell head over heels.  This little girl is our most loving, cuddly baby.  If she sees or feels anything soft she has to nuzzle on in for a long heavy hug.  Oh, it’s pure gold.  I’ve always craved a cuddly baby.E-Mail21Another hit present was the banana wrapped up in tin foil.  You wouldn't guess by her excitement that she gets one of these every morning (though not wrapped in tin foil).E-Mail18 Luckily she did get two real, new presents.  Grandma S. sent an adorable doll which she can’t stop hugging and kissing and our neighbor gave her a toy cell phone……which is a clear winner. -0405-0426 (she may have inherited that fascination with fire from me)E-Mail22Hazel and Charlie decided that Emmeline’s tradition should be to get messy on her birthday.  Don’t know if that one will stick, but she sure enjoyed it on her first birthday. E-Mail19 E-Mail20Top 10 things I love about Emmeline right now:

1. those big brown puppy dog eyes that look especially puppyish when she sports her new pig tails.

2. that sad little single tear that seems to always be on her cheek in pictures.  it’s sad, but adorable at the same time. 

3. her enthusiasm.  i’ve never met a more enthusiastic baby….it may have to do with the fact that she spends most of her time watching Hazel and Charlie run around like little fire crackers.

4. her babbling.  she’s quite a little baby talker and babbles in the most adorable low quiet voice.  The only recognizable sounds she makes are “da da" (and she totally knows when to say it and what it means, she loves her dad) and “uh-oh” (her first word….hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come).   

5. the way she communicates the most important things with her two signs.  First, when she’s done eating and she catches your glance she’ll quickly raise both her arms with plenty of expression as if she’s scored a touch down to indicate that she’s done and wants out.  Second, if you ask her if she wants something (a ba ba, her lammie, a banana) she’ll wriggle her whole little body around to say yes and look at you with those big brown eyes in anticipation.  It’s utterly adorable.

6. her laugh.  it’s a Charlie laugh.  a deep belly, contagious, full body laugh. i love it.

7. she loves to be dropped onto the bed and thrown around by her dad.  did I say she loves her dad? 

8. how she watches her big brother and sister and follows them around. 

9. her big open mouth kisses that she’ll now give on que.

10. her cuddles.  she’ll cuddle with anything and anyone soft.  and she’ll stay.  it’s a heart melter.-0416

we love you little Lemon Lime!


  1. All of that was adorable!!! Just like Emmeline. My favorite picture was of the 3 kids and you can see you and Jeff in the reflection, Jeff being goofy and you taking the picture. So very cute. Can't wait to play with those guys on Wednesday!

  2. Wow, this just about made me jump on a plane and head to Boston tomorrow. I want to snuggle that little Lemon Lime so much! But then I remembered how cold November is in Boston - and how I don't have money for a plane ticket...The kids will die over this post when I show it to them tomorrow - they're huge Emmeline fans. I miss your whole wonderful little family so much right now!

  3. Man, is she cute! I love those little pudge cheeks and the pigtails- to die for. She's just growing like a weed. How is she one already??

  4. I can't believe it's been a year since I was supposed to be there to welcome that little girl into the world. Give her an extra hug from her favorite aunt Shawni

  5. Those pictures were absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Emmie!


    and we all know her favourite aunt is chi chi, i don't know what shawni is trying to pull here - taking advantage of my disadvantage of being across the pond when emmie was born!

  7. That's so cute!!! Babies are amazing!! Except she doesn't look like a baby anymore!...
    I feel the same way. With my third and it also keeps getting better :D ( and goes even faster)

  8. That little girl may be one but heaven still "lies about her" as Wordsworth said about infants. She is utterly and absolutely adorable!
    Awesome pictures!

  9. so sweet, so cute
    such creative gifts
    i love the banana in tinfoil

  10. She is a beautiful little one, I love cuddly babies too.

    Happy birthday Emmeline!



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