Sunday, November 08, 2009

halloween photo session

Like I said, we had an eerily warm Halloween. 

It was the a perfect day for a photo shoot.  Warm, windy, overcast with some really nice filtered sun shining through at times.   

It was hard to stop.  At the end, as I walked towards the car, I wanted to stop all the other families I saw enjoying the day and take their pictures too.  It was just a perfect day…one of those crystally kind of days.  I loved being the photographer that day (especially because I had left Jeff at home with the task of getting the kids all costumed up and herded to a party). 

Here are a few of my favorite.   Aren’t these children beautiful?

-8469-8379 -8453  I LOVED how this big sister interacted with her little brother. Just look at how much she adores him.-8525  -8580-8551-Edit -8604  -8620 -8662  -8492-8710


-8715 -8887


  1. Saydi- These are great. We love these pictures of our most precious treasure!

  2. Sayds, LOVE the photos. Great LIGHT. What a sweet family. You are amazing.
    Miss you.

  3. these are beautiful sayds!

    miss you!
    call me back!



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