Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It’s good to be Jack

I have so many photo shoots to post…..and so many other things to document….basically I’m behind on everything in my life right now….and boy, if you saw my house you’d be embarrassed for me. 

I guess it all gets done bit by bit.

For now, here are some of my favorites from a photo shoot a few weeks ago (I’m sending out your cd tomorrow guys).  This little Jack has a good life.  I love how clearly you can see his delight in these pictures, and how obvious it is that his parents utterly delight in him.  

Oh, I love the way a camera can capture family love.  There’s nothing more beautiful in my book. -1918-1223 -1252 -1308 -1330 -1370-1975 -1390 -1445 -1495 -1533 -1595 -1634   -1683 -1745  -1654

Can’t wait for them to see the rest.


One bit done, five thousand bits left.  Oh, how I love the holidays!

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  1. Saydi, it is so fun to see you progress and grow as a photographer. Plus, your family is super cute. Hope you are well. Tara



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