Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gratitude makes you happy

I had a bad day yesterday.  Just too much to do.  I don’t think a smile crossed my face all day.  I was cranky, I was anxious, I was consumed, I was obsessed with my projects, I was mad at my kids (who were being absolute angels). 

At the end of the day, when the craziness had gone to bed, I watched this clip on my sisters blog.  Watch it, it’s great. 

I realized that gratitude is what makes you happy.  Yes, that’s a simple thought.  But it struck me that everyone in this video had a smile on their faces as they talked about what they were grateful for.  And smiles make you feel better. 

I’ve found in my life that it doesn’t matter what I have or don’t have, what matters (in terms of my happiness) is how thankful I am for what is. 

So, time to stop moping and be grateful.  Tis the season, after all.

I think I’m on track for a much better day today.


  1. I love that video clip!

  2. COOL! How can you see that and not feel truly happy and ever more grateful?

  3. Loved the clip Sayds! Anita says "Long live New York!"

  4. This is a Great clip and so was your Thanksgiving card! I am grateful whenever I get to see or hear from you! Your family is precious.


    p.s. did I see you interviewed on Boston news commenting on the safety of the T? my email address: jmakechnie@gmail.com



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