Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what we’ve been up to

And finally, a bunch of Iphone pictures that document a little of why I’ve been so bad at blogging lately….we’ve been busy around here.  -0233 First, this is Hazel’s depiction of me doing laundry.  Do you love that big smile on my face?  That’s exactly how I look when doing laundry.  Glad to see that I’m deceiving someone into thinking I’m cheerful!-0236 Emmeline has turned into the master of disaster….I used this phrase once and now that’s the way Hazel always refers to Emmeline.  She is mostly just interested in crawling up and down the stairs (two big falls thus far) and opening and emptying every door and cupboard.  I love the third child…..I know this will all pass….amidst all my frustration at not being able to complete a single task, I’m just trying to enjoy her enthusiasm for everything.  -0332Charlie is really into building….building with legos, building with kapla blocks.  I love the way his little mind works….and, much to my surprise and delight, he now sometimes cleans up after his building escapades.  -0336 Ever once in a while we tag along on the Kruckenbergs weekly Sunday morning hike up Pinnacle path.  We all love it once we can get our acts together and out the door….makes Sunday morning so much more worshipful.  -0339 -0437-0356Hazel got her permanent cast off…..look at those bulging arms of hers!  She’s still in a removable cast (see the little part of the bone that still  hasn’t totally healed?)  that she has to wear when at school or rough housing……but, ah, I’m happy to be done with trying to keep that thing dry.   -0357 -0372 I need to get a better picture of Emmeline’s new little baby doll.  She is attached.  Loves that thing to death.  -0376 Hazel has claimed the back of the couch area as her “office.”  She holds Hazel school there for Charlie.  I think he’s actually learning a ton from her.  It’s so fun to watch and listen to their conversations.  -0383 For some reason, after the unit on Pilgrims and Indians at school Hazel and Charlie spent hours making elaborate tepees for their teachers.  Oh my,  I can’t express how much I love that they can entertain each other for hours on end…..sure, our house is filled with all kinds of little paper scraps and craft tools….but it’s totally worth it.  I love seeing what these guys create.  -0386 -0387  Hazel’s doll, made out of sticker paper…..it’s supposed to be Rebecca Snow.  -0390 Charlie made himself a laptop computer…..to be just like his dad.  It even has a little track ball and a motorcycle screen saver.  -0395  -0388And then, there’s been the never ending kitchen remodel.  We finally got a new countertop put in…..after quite a long saga that included having the first guy run off with our money……not a great picture….but at least it’s done.  Now I just have to paint the walls mustard yellow and pick pendant lighting…..any suggestions?-0465We’ve made a lot of Christmas goodies and had a lot of friends over to play and drank a lot of hot chocolate.    I love it when your house and life is such chaos that you’re totally calm…..no sense in trying to put it back together again…..just enjoy.  -0471

And finally, the Rockland Christmas party…..and the intern Santa Clause.  My kids are really into which Santa could or could not be the real deal….and which Santa's are “interns.” -0472

Now…on to Christmas this week.  I’ve gotten through enough of the work that I can say that I’m genuinely, totally, giddily excited.  I think we’re going to have the best one yet (we better, cause I’ve worked my tail off….)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun...you are such a good mom and I love the imagination your darlings have. Have a merry Christmas!

  2. hazel looks as strong as ever. are they out of mommy school? the creations are quite creative.

  3. Love the computer! those kids are just amazing! Santa interns. Love it! can't wait for the video of Emmeline walking without the suitcase!



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