Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts on Christmas

I can’t stand it that Christmas is over. 

Yes, I’m thrilled to be done with all the Christmas tasks that seem to weigh me down every Christmas, despite all of my resolving to get things done early, to do less, to enjoy more.  Sure, there are magical moments scattered through December where I really feel the Christmas spirit, where I enjoy my kids and all the Christmas traditions….but I always find myself huffing and puffing all through the season until 6pm on Christmas Eve when the potatoes are hot, the rolls are steaming and the Ham is on the table……then I sit down and I really start to enjoy. 

The Christmas dinner, the excitement of Santa coming, the little hokey nativity pageant, singing silent night, putting on new PJ’s, laying out cookies for Santa, working with Jeff to finish the last minute wrapping and stuffing and setting out.  

Suddenly all the work and sleep deprivation seems worth it….and it just gets better and better for a full twenty four hours….

early morning shouts of glee, stocking dumping, surprises, wrapping paper, noise, boxes, toys, food, candy……

pure, chaotic bliss. 

And then, suddenly it’s over.  The kids are sleep deprived and over stimulated and seem to feel the same disappointment that I do…..that big crash after such a huge high.  

To me it’s a lot like giving birth.  I still find myself wanting to do it all over again, just for that blessed 24 hours. 

So I will do it again….but hopefully next year I’ll find a way to stick to my resolution and start enjoying at least by the 23rd.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Actually, this year I have three ideas on enjoying it more:
    1. I made target dates to get out my christmas cards, packages, and neighbor gifts. I got close to the target dates so I really didn't have too much to do the week before Christmas.
    2. I waged a "campaign of exhaustion" for the kiddies. I was going to take them swimming a lot, but I was thwarted by Sebi's broken arm. Instead we went miniature golfing (indoor), bowling, sledding etc. and the kids had more to do/look forward to than just Christmas.
    3. we played motel for some out of town friends. It was great! They came home every night, put their girls to bed, then we stayed up too late talking. There were people to wrap with, share food with, and even who had their own Christmas morning downstairs. It was a blast and now we're just trying to figure out how we can duplicate it!
    It was a good CHristmas and I even had fun with the whole family at home for two weeks!



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