Sunday, January 03, 2010

one of our best Christmas’ yet

santa brought us a whole entire attic playroom.  it was a lot of work for santa and a lot of stress and sleepless nights…..but we all couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.  it was a magical christmas morning.  better than i had hoped (and jeff can tell you, I had HIGH expectations and lot invested in this surprise).

there is something glorious about having your children’s noise and mess two floors above your living space.

more pictures and details from Christmas to come, but I think this video says a lot of it better than I could (and I know, my commentary is great….a little embarrassing…..I was pretty excited and a little anxious….like I said, I had a LOT invested in this).


  1. Saydi- This is AMAZING! I 'm just in awe. Plus, your commentary was the best. I loved your gasping when you were walking up the stairs. It was all perfect. Good work.

  2. Wow! What an awesome Christmas gift! I was just thinking how over-the-top thrilled I would have been as a kid for something like this. And how elated our girls would be! You guys have one hard-working, sleepless Santa! (Loved the tour of your house too!) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. We're a bit sad it's over as well... Happy New Year!

  3. This video was the BEST! I was so wishing I had been there to see it, and now I feel like I have. The playroom looks fantastic and it sounds like it was appreciated. But, um, Will said "Santa gave them an ENTIRE PLAYROOM?!?" Yup, speaking of expectations and raising the bar . . .



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