Monday, January 04, 2010

Emmeline’s first steps

she took her very first steps on the 23rd of December.  we’d been coaxing her to walk for weeks….but this little miss doesn’t like to do things when she's feeling coerced.  So, she waited until she was ready, and until she found the right tools and then went for it.   maybe she’s discovered our million dollar idea…….that little crutch is a much better walking aid than a walker. 

I love love love those first wobbly steps.  I’ve loved watching Emmeilne’s confidence build up.  She’s now walking around the house…..usually she feels a bit more secure if she’s carrying one or more items with her.  I think she’s the most proud of herself as any of our kids have been.  She just beems when you look at her as she’s walking.  Oh, I want to just freeze her as she is this very moment.   I love this little girl.


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