Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally, Christmas!

After all that waiting and working the day finally came.  And, I have to say, it was, hands down, the best Christmas ever. 

-3029Hazel got her pipe cleaners, she was pleased as punch that Santa splurged and got her three whole packets.   -3041-3030 Charlie got his Dinosaur model and was thrilled at the other little goodies Santa threw in.

-3042-3031 Emmeline got all recycled gifts from santa this year…..and she was delighted.    -3043 We spent all morning opening gifts and playing with toys.  I love Christmas morning when all there is to do is enjoy your family. 

In my attempt to just enjoy I didn’t really document well all the amazing gifts the kids were given.  Here are a few of the favorites.-3096A ball popper for Emmeline from Grandma and Grandpa Shumway.  A huge hit.  All three of the kids wanted to play with it over and over….and it still hasn’t gotten old.  -3046Grammie and Grandfather sent Hazel a real mic….she can sing along to my iPod…..this will come in handy for her goal to be a rock star.  They sent Charlie a real Ukulele (or Ukulelis and Charlie calls it).  He has been hoping that’s what was in that box for days now.  -3053We had a nice Christmas brunch with our dear neighbor Joyce. -3061 Aunt Mary Ann did it again this year….totally out classed us on presents, sending each of the kids a hand knitted sweater (Mrs. Weasly style) along with a slew of other amazing gifts.  I can’t say how much I LOVE these sweaters…..the colors, the style, the fact that my sister in law made them! And the kids love them too.  Charlie sneered at all the “boring clothes gifts” that I gave him, but was utterly delighted by this sweater.  He’s quite into the letter C. -3065 -3067I love these pictures.  This is one of the first times Emmeline stood on her own.  She took her first few steps on Christmas eve….will have to post that video later. Look at how proud of herself she looks.  -3068 -3074 -3075  -3078 -3088 -3092

Jeff surprised me with some surprisingly thoughtful gifts….a new (very warm( coat that’s not too bulky so that I can wear it around our cold house all day long without looking like a marshmallow), new ram for my computer so that I don’t curse at Lightroom as I edit photos, a cook book I’ve been coveting…..and on and on and on).    He’s totally foiled his plan to continue to lower my expectations. 

We spent the evening at the Busse’s house with good food and dear friends.  It’s so nice to have friends that feel like family on Christmas when family is far away.

Could it get better than that?  I don’t think so.


  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Those are the most awesome sweaters I've ever seen. Wow. Your Christmas just keeps getting better the more I find out about it!

  2. Those sweaters are the cutest ever!

    We loved having you guys over--thanks SO much for coming!

  3. I just spied two more things in my 2nd pass through your Christmas blog. Saydi, do I see that Santa brought you Trader Joe's Orange Sticks for Christmas? Did you have to put that on your list, or does he just know what you love?
    Also, Jeff told us that the piano would double as a sideboard, and sure enough, I see a foil wrapped dish on the corner in your brunch picture. Very functional!

  4. That was fun to see your Christmas!



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