Saturday, February 13, 2010

chuberific emmeline

Oh my, I just want to eat this girl up lately. She is such a little bundle of yummy goodness.

Here's what we love about Emmeline lately:

  • The cheeks. Surprising that they're not kissed off (although they are quite chapped, probably mostly due to the kissing).
  • she spends most of her awake time walking around the house caring either Charlie's lunch box or Hazel's kitty cat purse. She just loves to waddle around, her walking practice keeps her very occupied.
  • when she's not practicing walking, she's tearing apart any door or cupboard that she can get into. She's particularly found of the toilet.....thankfully the older kids are finally trained to close the lid.
  • she gives the worlds best kisses.....I'll post a video of this. her little puckered face coming in for an open mouth kiss is very cute. She's my first kid to spontaneously come up to me and kiss and hug me. She think that anytime I stoop down to her level it's to invite a's not, but man, I'll talk them.
  • Emmeline has turned into our little comedian. She likes nothing better than to make us all laugh, and I have to say, she's pretty good at it. Her main technique is making loud noises and then falling down. Sounds lame, but it sure makes us all laugh.
  • she's starting to talk, can say MaMa, DaDa, Hazo (seriously, she says this! It delights Hazel) and BaBa. The rest is just babbles, but man, they're cute.
  • She's the master of the point. She points all the time, often with a purpose but also, often without. It's pretty remarkable how effective pointing can communicate her needs.
  • She looks adorable when she has her pigtails in place....but whoa....she's quite urchin looking without them.
  • she's still a boogie girl whenever she hears music. She gets those hips moving like no ones business....and lately she's taken to making freeze frame poses (usually looking up with a pointed finger up in the air), that gets us all rolling.
  • She's pretty content to sleep whenever, eat whenever, go wherever.

In short, she's dreamy. We love our little chuberific Emmeline.







I know, overkill on the not so great photos (the light's horrible), but I can't stand not posting each one, I want to remember all of those spunky expressions.....they're just so her.


  1. oh. my. gosh. she is so cute. i miss those kids a heck of a lot. can i please please please please please come watch them while you go to england??

  2. I miss kissing those cheeks already. She really is an amazing child Saydi! What a joy it is to watch her discover the world!

  3. She is pretty darn cute. And the pics look great (way better than mine). And your kitchen looks spotless :).

  4. I love her too! SHe is SO cute! I wish I could come snuggle her up.



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