Saturday, February 13, 2010

surviving the winter

I've been looking for ways to enjoy winter in Boston. Yep, I didn't come with a natural love of cold, long, bleak, gray winters. In fact, I just downright hate it. I get moody and tense being cold all the time and not feeling the sun.
Each year I vow that things are going to be different, that I'm going to learn to like those 6 months of Boston winter, somehow. Last year I tried to talk only positively about winter....but I just felt like a liar. This winter, I'm trying to just embrace winter. And here's what I'm trying to do:
  • Be outside more, to buck up and bundle everyone up and just go outside, to find fun winter adventures for all of us. We haven't done this a ton, but whenever we have we all end up cold, but happy.
  • Run. I have always been a total wimp when it comes to running in the cold, but this year (thanks to the coaching and support of good friends) I've figured out how to dress right and get out of bed so that I can enjoy those super frozen runs. That's a small miracle for me. There's just something about breathing in all that fresh air and seeing the morning sun wake up the world that just starts the day off right.
  • Whenever I feel so cold outside with the kids I've taught them to scream out "I FEEL ALIVE!" And, once I change my attitude about the cold...once I see it as something that makes me feel invigorated instead of mad, I can tolerate it better, even sometimes enjoy it.
  • I've been searching for beauty in winter. Sometimes I have to look really hard to get past all the gray and gloom, but I've found there is nearly always something beautiful to look at....even on Rt. 1.....yes, you have to look up, but the sky looks amazing in the winter. -0521
Hazel and I went for a nature walk a while back and let me tell you, those Joy School "good noticer" awards have really paid off with Hazel....she's got an eye for beauty and pointed out so many winter wonders.



It's amazing to me how stopping to notice just a little bit of beauty in the winter can make everything feel ok again.

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  1. thanks for pointing that out. i am glad i don't live in boston right now...although i almost would to be close to you and yours.



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