Saturday, February 13, 2010

co co key

Sorry for posting such old news....but for the sake of family history (and to get onto posting more recent happenings) I need to post about our Charlie birthday adventure to the warm and balmy indoor island of Co Co Key. I'm not sure how many more years this tradition is going to stick....the kids LOVED the indoor water park, and we loved seeing so many good friends there....but it's just a few degrees too cold in there to really feel like you're getting away from the winter weather. Granted, we did go on what I think was the coldest day of the surely it wasn't easy to heat the place....but the adults were all blue lipped and chattering as we tried to enjoy each others company.
We had a great birthday party in our room in the morning, ground all kinds of doughnuts and breakfast goodies into the carpet, opened some presents and chatted until we could hit the slides again.
I think my favorite part of the trip was hanging out with just the adults in one of the families' hotel room until midnight talking and laughing. I don't get enough of that kind of stuff.

Our friends reserved a cabana there (which I'd highly recommend if you find yourself at CoCo Key. It was so nice to have one quiet place for kids and babies to rest from all the CoCo craziness.

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