Monday, February 08, 2010

i love the attic

I love our new attic. 

It can be a huge mess, and I never have to see it, walk through it, clean it, nag about it, hide it from friends. 

When friends come over I can sit and chat with the parents while the kids make their ruckus upstairs.

It gives me long periods of quiet while Emmeline naps and kids play.  I have to admit, it’s a bit eerie at times….and sometimes I actually miss hearing them play.  I NEVER thought I’d say it, but 80% of the time I really like hearing the games they’ve come up, it gives me a little glimpse into their worlds and how their minds work.  Thankfully my in-laws sent and intercom system, so I can turn it on to listen in, and turn it off once they start fighting or getting loud and crazy and annoying.

Most of all, I love the attic because it’s magical.  It’s what I always sought out as a kid:  secret places all of my own where I could be who I wanted to be and let my imagination run wild.  A friend this week told me that she read in a book that one thing that little kids need is a place where there are no rules set by parents…..where they can just be who they want to be.  I think that’s what the attic is giving my kids.

-0538 This is what I found when I walked up the steps the other day.  At first glance it looked like a huge mess…..but then I tried to see it from my kids perspective and I found that it was a very delicately laid out landscape where their imaginations had some adventures that day.  It made me smile. -0535


  1. That sure is a wonderland...lucky kids!

  2. I love your attic too and I've never even seen it! Isn't it great to see the world from our kids' perspective? I should do that more often. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Oh my gosh, how awesome! You are such a cool mom -- can I be like you, please?

  4. I tried and tried to comment on this on our way along and it just wouldn't post! Just wanted to document that I've always said that what kids need more than anything else to fire their imaginations is unorganized space! Hooray for you Saydi!

  5. Saydi...I love all your posts...and your kids are stinkin' cute! That Emmeline is so adorable...I love her cheeks. thanks for letting me spy on your little life through your blog!

  6. I love your attic, too. It is just PERFECT. Honestly, I think that is the coolest playspace ever. You are such a great mom, Saydi. I love that you made that for your kids. What fun it must be for them. I hope we'll get a chance to come visit so our kids can play up there (and we can sit downstairs and catch up!)



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