Sunday, February 07, 2010



My good friend (who is amazing in every way….seriously, how does she do all that she does?) found a way to send items directly to relief stations in Haiti with free shipping, so she organized a drive to collect some of the items the stations are in desperate need of.  

I explained the project to the kids and told them that we were going to spend some time going through things in our house to find some stuff to send.  Hazel and Charlie have been hearing a lot about Haiti and praying for the people there and I could see it in their eyes that they were so excited to do something… they immediately started listing off to me the toys that they wanted to send over (some of their most precious things).  When I explained that the drive wasn’t really about toys, that the kids really needed medicine and tents and clothes they were pretty deflated.  They insisted that they also needed some toys.  They’re probably right, so I let them each choose one small toy to send. 

Hazel disappeared for quite a while and came down from the attic with some art creations to send.  She thought that something beautiful would brighten up their day.  I think she’s absolutely right. In fact, my friend put little letters and pictures at the top of each of the boxes so that the people there would feel our love.  I think it’s pretty remarkable that something created by my daughter, in my attic will be in the hands of someone destitute in Haiti in a matter of days.  I hope they feel our love and our prayers. 

Thanks Liz for helping connect our worlds. 


  1. We love that you involved the Kids with relief in Haiti.

  2. Oh I wish we had known about this--do you know if it is still available? If there ever was a ward that needs to do this, it is us. So, so sweet!



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