Sunday, February 07, 2010

feeling alive

Last week we went to the museum with my dear “sister” Eva and her kids.  After spending some time inside Eva and her kids couldn’t stand to be cooped up any longer and insisted that we eat our packed lunch outside.  It was cold, and in my heart I was feeling a bit wimpy and not too enthusiastic about this plan, but I could see that she was really desperate for fresh air.  You see, Eva is outdoors (often at the beach) with her kids nearly every day, even in the bitter cold.  I’ve never met anyone who loves nature and beauty and all the fresh air adventure that the world offers more than Eva does.  She’s not really that into indoor contrived play spaces for kids.  And, I have to say, she won me over.


After the initial shock of being cold and sitting on an icy picnic bench, my dark coat started to absorb the sun and the fresh crisp air started to clear my head and I started to feel more alive and smile.  The kids ran around like hoodlums, making all the ruckus they wanted and Emmeline toddled around with her rosy cheeks talking to the seagulls and making all kinds of gleeful noises.  It was, hands down, better than being inside the museum.  Sure, we didn’t stay long, but that little pause of fresh, real air and bright sun really made my day. 

 -4164 -4180  -4201 -4215  In fact, I’ve made a goal to go out on a winter outdoor adventure with the kids at least once a week.  We need to feel that rejuvenation that only nature can give you.  You know, that feeling you get after being outside for a while, that exhausted, happy feeling?  That alive feeling?     


  1. Sayds it was GREAT being with you as always. I love the photos you took. Can I get a copy of the one with all the kids together. You are the best.
    SURE LOVE U!!!!!



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