Saturday, February 06, 2010

mommy school field trip

  This week we went to the Children's Museum.  I love this place.  I never bring my camera and decided to this week so that I could capture some of the things the kids love there. 

We’ve been doing our darndest to get out on a mommy school field trip once a week.  It doesn’t always happen, but when it does I love it….well, let’s qualify that, I love most of it.  -4065  I love watching Hazel do things with ease that she used to be very afraid of.-4085 I love watching Charlie try to figure things out.-4096 I love watching Emmeline delight in things that she’s never seen before.  This little girl has the most delightful expressions and gets so passionate and happy about the smallest things.  -4103 -4113-4071 I love learning new things with my kids and exploring stuff with them.   -4232 I loved it that Charlie posed so well for this picture. 

I didn’t, however, love the part of the mommy school field trip where everyone was tired and hungry and Hazel had a total two year old tantrum as we’re trying to get through the cold and into the car.  By the time I got all three kids into the car the other two kids caught Hazel’s crying (as if it were a cold) and all three were blubbering (very very loudly).   It got so ridiculous that I just had to start laughing.  At that, Hazel looked at me sternly and screamed, “It’s NOT funny mom!  It’s WEIRD!” and then continued bellowing.  Hmm…not sure what she meant by that, but she was right, it was weird and not such a great end to a fun field trip. 

Will I ever be loading the kids up in the car and have them say to me, “mommy, thanks so much for getting us all ready and packing up lunches and driving us here and following us all over and explaining things to us and playing with us?”  Darn.  I don’t think so.   

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